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Family protectionplay video

Raising a family

Family can be complex. Managing your family finances doesn’t need to be.

Retirementplay video

Retirement planning

It’s not what you’re retiring from it’s what you’re retiring to. The power of a well planned retirement.

Expecting the Unexpectedplay video

The unexpected

You never see it coming – that’s the thing about the unexpected. A little preparation today can protect you down the road.

Saving for the futureplay video

Saving for the future

Faced with competing financial priorities, it’s easy to favour the here and now at the expense of longer-term financial goals.

Business protectionplay video

Owning a Business

Navigate the full range of financial opportunities available to your business and you’re on the way to build your business.

Estate Planningplay video

Estate planning

A well-structured estate plan can turn a legacy from a nice thought into a powerful reality.

Managing an Inheritanceplay video

Managing Inheritance

An inheritance can bring with it a complicated mix of assets – and emotions.

Manulife Synergyplay video

The Synergy Buzzzz

Synergy offers protection in a 3-in-1 solution. Get three policies – life, disability, critical illness insurance – in one affordable package.

Nothing to celebrateplay video

Nothing to Celebrate

A tax refund means you’ve paid the government too much tax essentially giving them an interest free loan

RRSP, RESP, or TFSAplay video

Tax Free or Not

Determining which savings plan or combination of savings plans is best depends on your own personal situation and objectives.