TFSA Contribution Room Calculator

Tax Free Savings CalculatorOur TFSA Calculator will help you to calculate this year’s contribution limit, as well as total contribution room available in your Tax-Free Savings Account. The calculator will also illustrate the tax efficiency of investing inside a TFSA, and the financial benefit gained by having your investment income shielded from taxes. Contact us for more information and check out some of our other financial calculators .

Calculate TFSA contribution limit and tax savings:
TFSA Account History

Year of Birth:

(using the dropdown menu, please select the year in which you were born.)


Gross Annual Income:

(select from the dropdown list your annual income bracket, before tax and / or other deductions.)


TFSA Contributions:

(if any, the total amount of all the contributions already deposited to your TFSA.)


TFSA Withdrawals:

(if any, enter the total amount of all the withdrawals taken from your TFSA in this calendar year.)

Future TFSA Contributions

    Current TFSA Balance:

    (The current amount in any existing TFSAs.)


    Contribution Amount:

    (an amount that you contribute to a TFSA on a regular basis or plan on doing so in the future.)


    Contribution Frequency:

    (the frequency of regular contributions to the TFSA: choose between monthly or yearly.)


    TFSA Investment Term:

    (select the number of years that you plan on making regular contributions into your TFSA.)


    Annual Rate of Return:

    (choose an annual interest rate that you might expect for your TFSA investments to earn.)


      The year you turned 18:

      TFSA room available today:

      TFSA room available next year:

      Un-sheltered taxable account total:

      Tax-free savings account balance:

      Tax-free savings account difference: 

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