Simple Mortgage Calculator

Simple Mortgage calculatorCalculate your monthly mortgage payment based on purchase price, interest and term by entering the required information in the fields below. Then press calculate for a complete schedule of your required down payment, mortgage principal, monthly payment, and the amount still owing at the end of the term. To find out how much of a mortgage you can qualify for contact a mortgage specialist today.

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Please enter the following information:

Purchase Price: (the price agreed upon between a buyer a seller. Typically selling prices are negotiated with offers and counter offers being facilitated through a real estate agent.)


Down Payment: (an initial deposit required by the mortgage lending institution. If the down payment is less than 20% it will necessitate a 3rd party such as CMHC to insure the mortgage.)


Mortgage Rate: (the rate of interest charged by the mortgage lender. It can be either fixed and remain constant throughout the term, or variable and flucuate according to the prime lending rate.)


Amortization Period: (the number of years to pay off a mortgage. For downpayments that are less than 20% of the purchase price, the maximum amortization period allowed is 25 years.)


Mortgage Term: (this is the length of time your mortgage agreement will be in effect (example 5yrs). At the end of each term, you will need to renew or renegotiate your mortgage.)



Down Payment Required: (calculated from the property purchase price and the percentage down, this will be this total deposit amount required to secure the mortgage.)


Mortgage Amount: (this figure will be the total amount of financing required to complete the real estate transcation — the purchase price minus the down payment.)


Monthly Payment: (monthly mortgage payments are comprised of both principal and interest. Property taxes can also be factored in. Bi-weekly payments are other options to be considered.)


Mortgage Balance: (the outstanding balance that is left owing at the end of the term. At this time either the balance could be paid out, or else the mortgage renegotiated for another term.)


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