BC Property Tax Deferment Calculator

Property Tax Equation

Use this calculator to determine the cost versus the potential benefit of using the BC Property Tax Deferment Program. A simple interest formula is used to calculate the interest on deferred taxes as opposed to compound interest the way mortgages are calculated. Prime rate is applied to families with dependants under the age of 18, and prime -2% is used for homeowners age 55 and older. Enter the amount of tax to be deferred and compare it with the same amount invested at various compounding rates. Please speak to a licensed advisor about the pros and cons of deferring property taxes.

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BC property tax deferral for investment purposes:
(charging simple interest)

Tax to Defer:

(from your property tax assessment.)


Interest Rate:

(age 55 & up enter 1% otherwise enter 3%.)


Time Horizon:

(no. of years to defer your property taxes.)


Deferment Cost:

(the accrued interest charges over time.)


Future Tax Bill:

(unpaid property tax + interest owing.)

(earning compound interest)

Annual Deposit:

(use same figure as taxes deferred.)


Interest Rate:

(enter an amount you expect to earn.)


Investment Term:

(make it same as deferment years.)


Interest Earned:

(income earned on investment.)

Future Value:

(principal + return on investment.)

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