BC Municipalities Property Tax Calculator

BC Municipalities Property Tax Calculator

This calculator can help you determine the property taxes in more than 160 different jurisdictions across British Columbia. The results are based on property location, property usage, and assessed property values. Included are Residential, Utility, Major Industry, Light Industry, Business, Recreational, and Farming. Supportive Housing and Managed Forest Land are two other classes which have not been included. First choose a location and the property usage, enter the assessed property value, and click -> Estimate. NOTE: Some properties may be dual usage and not covered in these calculations. See disclaimer below.

Property tax values in over 160 BC jurisdictions:



DISCLAIMER: The information provided by this calculator is based upon the 2014 property tax rates submitted by various BC municipalities and districts. The results factor in local Municipal, Regional District, Hospital, School, and Other taxes. Additional rates or charges such as sewer, water, drainage, garbage disposal have not been taken into consideration, and neither have deductions for Basic and Additional Home Owner Grants if applicable. While we have endeavored to ensure the quality of the information provided we cannot fully guarantee its accuracy. Where there may be a discrepancy, refer to your Municipal Property Tax Notice which is based on the assessed value as provided by the BC Assessment Authority. This calculator is strictly intended for illustrative purposes only, and Savii Financial Concepts© takes no responsibility for financial decisions entered into as a result of the information given.