Leveraged Investment Calculator

levearged investment loan calculator

Use this calculator to project the future value of a segregated fund investment loan contract. By inputting various loan amounts, interest rates, and investment periods you will realize the potential earning power that a leveraged investment can provide. Be sure to enter numerical values only with or without decimal points, but do not separate the numbers by using commas or blank spaces.
NOTE: This investment tool is intended for educational purposes only. Please consult with a qualified licensed investment advisor to see if a leveraged investment strategy is suitable for you.

Please enter the following information:
Loan Information
Investment Loan Value: (enter an amount between $10,000 and $250,000 using numbers only with no commas) $
Annual Interest Charges: (100% income tax deductible and usually range between prime + .75% and prime + 1.50%) %
Tax Information
Marginal Tax Rate: (combined fed. and prov. income tax rates for B.C. residents ranges from 20.06% to 43.70% depending on income) %
Investment Information
Annual Investment Earnings: ( enter the rate of % interest you would expect to earn on your segregated fund investments.) %
Investment Term: ( no. of years your investment loan remains active)
Total Cost and Benefits
Total Personal Investment: ( the total % interest charges paid on your loan will be considered as your own personal investment.) $
Future Account Value: ( this value represents the total of the original investment loan plus the annually compounded investment earnings) $
Total Return on Investment: (the actual return on your personal investment [but does not factor in any income tax refunds] %
Aggregated Income Tax Refund: (the total income tax refund you should receive based on the marginal tax rate entered above.) $

DISCLAIMER: The administrator and owner of this website take no responsibility for any financial decisions made based upon the use of this calculator. The information provided by this calculator is intended solely for general information and educational purposes. Rates of return may fluctuate over time and especially for long-term investments. Final calculated results are not guaranteed to be completely accurate and are in no way endorsed, offered or guaranteed by Savii Financial Concepts. Copyright 2009 Saviifinancial.com ©

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