Business Overhead Expense Needs Calculator

Business Insurance Needs CalculatorDuring a disability, revenue and savings can diminish rapidly, while monthly business overhead expenses just keep piling up. This calculator will help you to determine the monthly business expenses you would need to cover on order to maintain profitability should you become disabled. Contact a licensed Insurance advisor for a recommendation tailored to suit your specific business insurance needs.

Estimate Business Overhead Income Replacement
Monthly Business Overhead Expenses STEP ONE


(employees, temps, contractors, shareholder draws, etc.)


Lease or mortgage payments:

(office space, store front, warehousing, etc. )



(natural gas, electricity, etc.)



(janitorial cleaning, yard work, garbage pick-up, etc.)


Property taxes:

(annual property taxes / divided by 12 )


Property insurance:

(fire, flood, content, inventory, theft, etc. )



(office furnishings, computers, copiers, auto leases, etc.)


Business loans or depreciation:

( loans paymemts, lines of credit, depreciation on assets. )



(telephone lines, cellular phones, internet services, etc.)


Postal or courier services:

(telephone lines, cellular phones, internet services, etc.)


Accounting and legal services:

( bookeeping, tax preparation, professional help, etc. )



(licensing fees, trade or union dues)


Business insurance:

(licensing fees, trade or union dues)


Business taxes:

( annual income taxes, GST/HST, etc. / divided by 12 )



Monthly Business Income STEP TWO

Total business income:

( enter the total average income generated by your business enterprise on a monthly basis. )


Total business income generated by yourself:

( The amount of total monthly business income generated by your own personal business activities. )


If these expenses are shared, only your share will be included as overhead expenses and calculated proportionately as : the total income of the business that is directly generated by you / divided by the total income of the business that is directly generated by you and your entire organization.


DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be a complete needs analysis. Please work with your financial advisor to establish a complete financial security plan. This is not intended to be a recommendation or opinion as to the amount of insurance you require, but rather a basis for discussion between yourself and your advisor. The administrator and owner of this website take no responsibility for any financial decisions made based upon the use of this calculator. Copyright© 2017