Canada Learning Bond

Families with children born in 2004 or later whose parent or guardian receives the National Child Benefit (NCB) Supplement (less than $44,701* net income) qualify for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB)†.

The Canada Learning Bond provides a one-time initial contribution of $500 to an eligible child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). If the parents or guardians continue to qualify and receive the NCB Supplement, the government will also provide an additional $100 for each year of eligibility until age 15.

Over time, that could add up to as much as $2,000 in grant payments, plus interest.

Canada Learning Bond Summary Chart

Initial Payment $500
Additional Payment per year, up to a maximum of 15 years $100 per year, up to $1,500
Lifetime maximum CLB grant you may qualify for** $2,000

To apply for the Canada Learning Bond:

1. Register the birth or adoption of the child.
2. Apply for a birth certificate.
3. Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for the child. download a SIN application.
4. Open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) .
5. Download the appropriate form for your CLB application

For more information on the Canada Learning Bond, please call our Customer Service at 778-552-5218 or send us an email to

†Certain conditions apply, see Prospectus of your Plan for full details.
*Based on 2013 indexation rates. This amount will be indexed to inflation for subsequent taxation years.
** To receive lifetime maximum CLB, you must meet criteria of receiving NCB Supplement each year.

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