Reader’s Comments About
“Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest”
by Talbot Stevens

“Thorough and balanced. Small investors won’t find a better guide on this tricky subject.”
Rob Carrick, Personal Finance Writer, The Globe and Mail

“In this clear, concise and balanced booklet, Talbot takes the reader by the hand and shows how to build wealth quicker through conservative leveraging while avoiding the pitfalls. Any investor — whether large or small — can benefit from Talbot’s simple but effective techniques. Don’t even think of leveraging until you’ve read this booklet!”
Dr. Chuck Chakrapani, Chairman, Investors Association of Canada, Editor, Money Digest

“A balanced account of the risks and rewards of leveraging.”
Malcolm P. Hamilton, Actuary, William M. Mercer Ltd.

“Borrowing to invest can be a scary and dangerous thing. It works well when investments rise in value, but it can be disastrous if investments drop. This booklet is a great tool to educate investors on how leveraging works, and how to use it effectively.”
Linda Leatherdale, Financial Editor, The Toronto Sun, Author, TV Host

“Borrowing money to buy equity mutual funds is a risky strategy, more so after stock markets have had a good run. I’m glad Talbot Stevens has done the math. He shows what it takes for leverage to work.”
Jim Daw, Business Editor, The Toronto Star

“While Talbot Stevens forthrightly sets out the risks of leverage, the probable impact of this ground-breaking investment booklet will likely be to increase its intelligent use by overly cautious Canadian investors.”
Jonathan Chevreau, National Post columnist and publisher of The

“Whether a financial professional or novice investor, Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest gives you the knowledge and methods to magnify your personal wealth over time.”
Catharina Jutting, CFP, Canadian Association of Pre-Retirement Planners

“At last, both sides of the story. From a source you can trust.”
Duff Young, CFA, best-selling author and CEO,

“I am impressed with the effort. … Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest earns four Hartman Hurrahs for the effort and the courage. … [Talbot] is passionate about the subject and even if you don’t fully agree with his arguments, you should at least be aware of them.”
George Hartman, Author and Columnist for Investment Executive

“Talbot dispels the myths about the leveraging process, and offers well-researched conservative leveraging strategies that benefit almost anyone who wants to magnify investment profits.”
Alan Caplan, CFP, RFP, Personal Finance Columnist, The Edmonton Sun

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